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Investing in a facility that adheres to green building standards and performance efficiency is a smart and responsible decision. When considering the value energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings can bring to the commercial real estate market, it seems as if going green is the wisest of investments. The practice of “going green” has been gaining popularity within the last decade.It is more important than ever to ensure we are doing all we can to lessen mankind’s harmful impact on the environment, and the government is offering tax incentives to those who take on environmental challenges with green building practices. Our society as a whole has changed the way it sees building, living and working. That’s why living and building “green” is more attractive than ever to both residential and commercial real estate investors. Green building design consultants can help a facility reach its efficiency goals. Green design can alleviate and reduce exposure to toxic materials, as well as ensure the conservation of non-renewable materials and energy.When it comes to green facility construction, a green design consultant will make sure the building process minimizes the ecological impact of building as well as oversee the construction to guarantee the protection of local water, soil, air, plants and wildlife. When designing a green facility, it is important to take into account the lifestyles of those who will be using the building. Make sure the facility offers support of transportation alternatives, such as walking, mass transit, biking and alternative fuels. Incorporating design features that will make it easier for commuters who use non-traditional transportation is a responsible and modern necessity.Of course, you’ll want to utilize non-renewable energy and recycled, environmentally friendly materials in your building. Many wonderful decorations and practical applications can be made out of the abundance of recycled plastic and rubber. Plastic and rubber are extremely durable, but not very environmentally friendly. It is a wise choice to use the recycled plastic and rubber, however, because otherwise it would end up sitting in a landfill for thousands of years. And, by using recycled materials, it eliminates the need to create new, un-degradable plastic.You may think that going green and increasing building performance efficiency would cost a lot of money. While this has been the case in the past, it is becoming more and more cost effective. In fact, green design and building often costs the same as traditional building methods. And with all the money that can be saved through efficiency and recycling, green building can actually cost far less than traditional methods over the long run. Corporations and businesses are far more likely to invest in a green building if they know it will increase their bottom line.If you consider the long-term maintenance and energy costs, using green and energy efficient products and designs will significantly increase profitability. As green building continues to gain popularity, tax incentives will increase. It’s easy see how green design and construction will pay for itself as times goes on.

Cancun Real Estate – Top Properties, in a Greener Context – Green Real Estate

Cancun Real Estate is moving more and more in the direction of sustainability and higher responsibility in real estate development. Many American and Canadian buyers are now looking for properties which, in one way or another, demonstrate sustainable or “green” ideas in their design.While Cancun has already been decisively moving in this direction, in late April 2010 a special committee was formed to promote this aspect of Cancun’s ever growing real estate industry, called the Committee for the Local Environmental Program (POEL). Besides encouraging green concepts in new development, the committee is also responsible for carrying out precise and transparent regulation of the functions and the necessary adaptations to urban development programs, while ensuring the integrity of the natural environment, including road infrastructure.Another nearby area which has been moving in the direction of sustainability is the island of Cozumel. Cozumel Real Estate is an established favorite for Americans and Canadians who enjoy living in close contact with the island’s lush and well-preserved nature, and many participate in caring for it. A bit further south, Tulum’s upcoming real estate forum is going to have a focus on sustainable ideas, and the ares recently hosted two forums presenting green-focused design and products. About 3 hours south, at the end of the Mexican Caribbean, beachfront homes in Costa Maya use solar panels and wind generators for clean, and efficient energy sources.Whichever part of the Mexican Caribbean buyers are looking, Costa Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Cozumel MLS listings provide a good selection of new developments with sustainable ideas implemented in the design, or properties ideal for adaptation to a green lifestyle.